Google spinoff Waymo new patents for self-driving car

Google spinoff Waymo patents self-driving car

If someone was going to whack you in the head with a turkey drumstick, would you want the drumstick to be frozen or thawed? Clearly, you’d want the thawed drumstick because it would have more give. The same principle more or less underlies a new self-driving car patent from Google spinoff Waymo. One of the strongest arguments in favor of rapid development of self-driving cars is the reduction in roadway carnage they will likely bring.

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Google spins off Waymo, self-driving car company

Google spins off Waymo,  self-driving car company


Google on Tuesday said its self-driving car project will branch out into a separate company called Waymo.  The technology giant has been testing its self-driving vehicles for the last seven years, and this move signals Google wants to monetize and keep up with companies like Uber and Apple, who have their own autonomous car projects in the works.

google self-driving car

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