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my current list of self-driving car questions

Hi all, I am extremely interested in driverless cars.  In short, a drunk driver left me in a 5-week coma in '07, and I woke up with double vision.  I'm very used to it, I perform just fine at everyday tasks, but getting behind a driving wheel is just so risky it's stupid.  So I cannot wait for driverless cars since I'm paying about twice what I should be for rent since I'm in between a grocery store and the bus transfer station.  So...

  1. Navigating slushy winters sometimes requires a human touch – an autonomous vehicle’s target destination, for instance, may need to be adjusted for a few metres to avoid dropping off a passenger in a giant puddle.  How would that happen?

  2. How would I take manual control to, say, pick up a friend standing by the road?  Or to navigate a large parking lot (i.e. my Publix)?  I may want to give guidelines, like “park near the door/elevator/starwell”

  3. What if I suddenly spot a free space in on-street parking? My car would need to turn on the turn signal to indicate to following cars that there’s a change in plan…

  4. When something happens that results in injury (to me or others; and it's not if but when), who's the responsible party?  Will I have to prove in litigation that I was not messing with the cars auto-navigation system at the time?

    1. Video of the inside of the car could prove to be extremely useful here, but in the event of some sort of accident, are the disk drives holding the video footage sufficiently well protected, from both impact & fire?

    2. And/or is there a cloud storage solution for the video?  And if a cloud-based video storage solution is employed, what is the longest potential lag time between the video being taken and it being stored safely?  Assume I’m nowhere near an open wi-fi field

  5. How will it handle a deer seemingly coming out of nowhere and leaping at me?

  6. How will it handle parking garages?

    1. How would I tell it beforehand that I prefer to check for empty spots on the [1st floor, the roof, etc.]?

  7. How would a self-driving car handle temporary detours, say due to road construction?  The signs posted for drivers to alert them to how to circumvent the blockage are often not in a standardized format.

  8. If I drove it to my fellowship hall and the parking lot was full, they will have overflow parking in an unmarked field, just rows of cars… How would I handle that in a self-driving car?

  9. Driving on Poinsett Hwy. at night, there are often African Americans walking in the road wearing all black clothes.  What systems are in place to prevent an accident here?

  10. Can I go through a fast-food restaurant's drive-through window with a self-driving car?  I don't want to leave the window until I've checked my order...

  11. What about cases where all of the parking spaces next to my destination is full, and I have to search for parking in ever-widening circles, but limiting my choices to spots that are an easy walk back to my destination?

  12. How will it handle ice & snow?  Black ice?

  13. Can I adjust the settings to have it drive somewhat conservatively?  I assume that a setting for driving in a risky manner won’t be an option, but I want to drive about 5-10 MPH under the speed limit.

  14. Can I mark an area on a map as drive-slow-here area?  Say I know that there are often dogs off-leash in this neighborhood, etc.


Thanks for any pointers!  Oh, and it would be helpful if you'd include the number of the question you're giving me guidance on...