Lyft teams up with NuTonomy to put ‘thousands’ of self-driving cars on the road

Lyft announced a new partnership today with Boston-based self-driving car startup NuTonomy to eventually put “thousands” of on-demand, autonomous vehicles on the road. In the meantime, the two companies said they intend to launch a limited pilot in Boston within the next few months, in which Lyft users will be able to hail one of NuTonomy’s driverless vehicles by using Lyft’s app.

It’s not Lyft’s first dalliance with self-driving partnerships. Last month, the company announced its plan to work with Alphabet’s Waymo on autonomous technology. And previously, GM invested $500 million in Lyft with the goal of eventually deploying its driverless Chevy Bolts on the ride-hail network. John Zimmer and Logan Green, Lyft’s co-founders, are on record saying that they expect the majority of the company’s rides to take place in autonomous vehicles by 2021.

Source; The Verge